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"This e-book gave me a completely new perspective on my work and family life. I recommend this read to everyone who wants to find out what’s really important in life."

Kevin Flam
"Emma has inspired me to pursue the career I always wanted. I needed an extra push to do that, and this e-book came just in time."

Angie Robin
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Emma lived the ‘corpo life’ and took a 2-years break to travel around the world. Now she’s back on track, pursuing a career path that is coherent with her beliefs and gives her a lot of satisfaction.
Experienced traveler and lifehacker.
About the Author,
Emma Firestone
Find the balance between work and life
Pursue the career path you always dreamed of
Get the energy to achieve your goals
After reading this ebook, you’ll be able to:
10 Life Hacks on how to find work and life balance